Kindersport Elite

35 National Champions and Counting

What is Kindersport Elite?

This elite training group is a one-of-a-kind year-round program for the athlete who is ready to take on the ultimate self improvement challenge with a central focus of getting elite high school track and field athletes prepared for the next level of competition.

Kindersport Elite has produced 35 National Champions and over 130 Tennessee State high school track and field champions in the past 15 years. Every viable method of training is used, and we will go to any length to make certain our athletes have the facility and faculty they need to achieve the desired result.

The entire training spectrum is utilized, beginning at absolute power and continuing through cardiovascular fitness. In between, we work on specific endurance, extensive tempo, intensive tempo, absolute speed, dynamic flexibility, plyometric response, strength and absolute power.

Kindersport Elite Athletes will compete in high school national indoor and outdoor meets, traveling to various cities throughout the country, in addition to their regularly scheduled high school track and field schedule in the spring.

The Kindersport Elite Training Group is by invitation/audition only. If you/your child is interested in a complimentary evaluation, please phone Coach Kinder at 615-584-8989.

The Kindersport Elite Training Group is by invitation/audition only.
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Gary Kinder
Founder/Executive Director

1988 Olympic Trials Decathlon Champion and competed on the U.S. Olympic team in Seoul, Korea. He is a 10-time United States National Track and Field Team member and was second in the NCAA Decathlon while an undergraduate at the University of New Mexico in 1985.

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